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Do you feel undervalued, bored or unchallenged in your career?

Have you given up on the idea that you can feel passionate about what you do and still earn a living?

If so, you've come to the right place!

You will have the opportunity to work with Linda Lipshutz, M.S., ACSW, who has been a consultant for over twenty years with management and employees of Fortune 500 corporations, including Estee Lauder, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Automatic Data Processing. As an employee assistance consultant, she has been called upon to intervene in major career-place conflicts and has developed a no-nonsense style of confronting issues and achieving results. She has helped hundreds of individuals learn cutting-edge, life enhancing strategies that have enabled them to overcome the obstacles that hinder career satisfaction and advancement.

At CareerSmarts, you will learn results-oriented skills that will help you:

  • Define the career choice that will truly make you happy.
  • Learn how to stand head and shoulders above the competition.
  • Develop interpersonal skills necessary to forge strategic relationships in the workplace.
  • Gain the poise and confidence that colleagues will notice and respect.
  • Amaze yourself with the improvements in productivity and career satisfaction

Learn how individual or group coaching can help you approach your work with a renewed purpose and energy.

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Do any of these scenarios fit your situation?

Brian is in his late twenties and works in the insurance industry. He considered himself to be making valuable contributions to his firm, but was discouraged to see others being offered the promotions that he had been aiming for. When he came to coaching, he had given up any hope that he had a future in this company. Coaching provided the setting for him to take an objective look at himself and to examine his presentation and work ethic. No longer able to make excuses to himself or blame others, he committed to the process of examining his strengths and weaknesses and to presenting his best self in a dignified, engaging manner. Within a matter of months, Brian was able to demonstrate the abilities he had all along in a manner that was compelling and readily recognized. Shortly afterwards, he was pleased to report that he was offered a sizeable salary increase and promotion.

Marie is an attorney in a prestigious law firm in Boston. Highly motivated to advance her career, she had taken on increasingly more demanding assignments. Although she believed she was well-respected, she was convinced that her team was taking advantage of her. Never one to comfortably deal with confrontation, Marie came to coaching initially for support in learning how to effectively assert herself. After she began to address her original concerns, she shifted her focus to look at the bigger picture. Were the sacrifices necessary to make partner in her firm really worth the price she was paying? After a heart-felt assessment of her values and priorities, she discovered that the career goal she had spent so many years striving for would not be fulfilling long term. Marie surprised herself when she discovered that she could, in fact, assert herself quite well when she was crystal clear on the direction she needed to take. The coaching was now focused on a path to apply her skills to a related industry with a position that would enable her to have more balance in her life.

David is the Senior Vice President of Information Technology at a Fortune 500 company. He was referred for coaching by senior management after several complaints had been lodged against him. Recognizing that his position was potentially in jeopardy, David committed to the serious process of looking at his autocratic management style and reflecting upon the effect that he had on subordinates. He now understands that he can be judgmental and, at times, inflexible. Upon further reflection, he determined that he came on too strong, both to mask his insecurities and to present himself as knowledgeable and confident. The coaching process helped him gain more assurance in his leadership capabilities, and within a relatively short period of time he was able to develop a more relaxed demeanor that commanded respect and camaraderie.

Even if your circumstances are totally different, please consider whether any of these career coaching services meet your needs:

Individual Career Coaching: Whether you are a CEO of a major corporation, a professional in transition, an employee working for someone else, or you are building your own business, individual coaching can be customized to meet your particular needs. Services are provided in person or by telephone. Participants are given assignments to work on in between sessions, and are provided with ample email support.

Group Career Coaching: Telephone based coaching, achieved by simultaneously calling a designated bridge line, provides an opportunity to be part of a community of individuals who share common interests. Clients benefit from the momentum, accountability and shared experiences of group members.

Team Coaching: Are you looking for ways to unify and motivate your business team? Please call to see how a team coaching experience can be set up to address the unique needs of your company.

Please contact us to to arrange a confidential consultation to discuss your own situation. All discussions are completely confidential, and there is no obligation whatsoever!

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"I found myself overwhelmed by the pressures of a high-paying, but demanding and unfulfilling position that did not allow me to enjoy my family or find time for myself. Coaching with Linda proved to be eye-opening. I found her to be dedicated and very supportive, even as she challenged me with tough questions. With her encouragement, I was able to make significant career changes that gave me my life back!!! "

John, age 52

Linda Lipshutz, Basic Author

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