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Divorcesmarts Coaching

Has the divorce process left you feeling shaky and insecure?

Do you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you?

Do you hate yourself for getting embroiled in ugly battles with your "ex", but find yourself unable or unwilling to stop?

Do you worry that your children will be emotionally scarred by everything they've seen?

Are you afraid that you'll never have a social life again?

DivorceSmarts will help you:

  • Demystify the divorce process and will give you the confidence to face the challenges of litigation and custody battles.
  • Make smart choices, along with your attorney, to avoid costly and emotionally draining mistakes.
  • Clarify the best interests of your children and give you practical guidance so that you will know what to say (and what not to say) to your children at this highly charged time.
  • Win the battles that are important, and let go of the battles that are not!
  • Determine when it's right to begin dating and provide the know-how to start over again.

Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

Marilyn reported that she was the "last to know" that Mike, her husband of twenty-four years was leaving her to live with a woman in the neighborhood that she had considered a friend. It was painful to realize that she had always counted on him to make most of their major decisions and to discover how frightened she was to be on her own. She decided that individual divorce coaching would help her gain the confidence she needed to face the emotional, legal and financial decisions in front of her. She joined a divorce coaching group, as well, because she understood that her anger and anxiety were spilling out inappropriately and she was relying too heavily on her oldest daughter. After listening compassionately to her pained expressions of humiliation, hurt, and anger, group members were able to support her efforts to build a new life.

Doug joined a coaching group six months after his divorce was finalized. He was furious at his attorney who had encouraged him to sign an agreement that he believed would put him in financial ruin. As distressing, was the humiliation he faced each time he went to pick up his children at his former marital home and saw another man's car parked in the driveway. The group provided an important outlet at a vulnerable time. Doug gained the confidence to realistically assess his financial situation and to make important career choices that would improve his financial situation. He was gratified to see that his relationships with his children were less strained. And over time, he felt comfortable enough to begin dating.

As much as Lisa intuitively knew that it was destructive for her to speak viciously about her ex-husband in her children's presence, she had tremendous difficulty controlling herself. She sought out coaching for help in letting go of the anger that was consuming her and for help in defining constructive goals. Not only did she strive to create a healthy, positive home for her children, but she also gave herself "permission" to envision a full, happy life for herself.

Each of these individuals recognized that coaching would be an effective means of letting go of the pain and disappointment of divorce and envisioning wonderful possibilities for the future!

Here's how DivorceSmarts can help you! I know. I've been there!

Divorce Coaching: Divorce coaching can be the voice of reason and a safe haven during this highly emotional time. It is an important supplement to working with a highly skilled attorney or mediator. The divorce coach will help individuals maintain perspective on the emotional and financial realities in front of them, so they can proceed with clarity, purpose and dignity, and avoid back-biting struggles.

Divorce support groups: Only those going through the draining process of divorce can fully understand how traumatic it can be for them and their families. DivorceSmarts offers ongoing support groups that will offer a place of calm and sanity, and will help participants stay on track. Practical guidance will be offered about how to deal with children, ex-spouses, in-laws and lawyers, in addition to much support about the practicalities of starting to date.

To arrange an immediate appointment, please call 561 630 2827.

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"I could not have done it without Linda. Even though I knew that the time had come to confront serious family issues, I was about to give up on several occasions. Linda's unwavering support and clear presentation of my options helped me maintain my focus and proceed with conviction. I have gained back my self-respect, and feel confident for the first time in a long time! It feels amazing!"

Christine, age 41

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