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Lovesmarts Coaching

Are you ready for a powerful connection with another person that has staying power?

LifeSmarts Coaching is here to help you find that special person, or to spice up the relationship that you already have. I have spent over thirty years delving into the key elements that are essential for relationships to flourish and am now eager to pass on these valuable lessons.

With LifeSmarts Coaching:

  • You will gain insight into what lights you up as a person, so that you will feel terrific about who you are, and present your very best self to others.
  • You will learn how to become the kind of person that others find attractive—inside and out—and highlight your assets to their best advantage.
  • You will learn what it takes to not only make smart choices in who you select, but also to establish gratifying, long-lasting relationships.
  • You will learn to recognize any self-defeating behaviors that are undermining your very best efforts and getting in the way.
  • You will learn to trust again, even if you were burned before.

Do any of these scenarios fit your situation?

Jill is a successful thirty-six year old attorney, who has the distinct honor of becoming one of the youngest women in her firm to become partner. She came to coaching, stating that her social life was non-existent. Assertive in most aspects of her professional life, Jill had to undo some major misconceptions about her personal life. During the coaching, she discovered that her sense of humor is quite engaging. She was able to show this asset to great advantage as she took steps to approach her dating life with a renewed vitality, creatively learning new ways to meet men. Most interestingly, she reported that in the office, colleagues were relating to her with a new, appreciative respect. Needless to say, the coaching work evolved into a focus on how to balance a very active social life with the demands of her work calendar.

Mike is a twenty-seven year old accountant who came to coaching after yet another break-up. Blaming his girlfriend for lying to him and cheating behind his back, he was too angry to evaluate his situation objectively. He enrolled in a singles' coaching group and discovered, that from the outset, there had been warning signs that this young woman was not to be trusted. The group offered him valuable feedback about clearly defining the qualities he was looking for in a girlfriend and not to rush into a relationship prematurely. Although he has not yet found his "soul mate," Mike jokingly says he is patient because he will not compromise on the personal qualities that are important to him.

Gail is a woman in her fifties who had been very discouraged by the poor response she was getting from her computer dating efforts. She came to coaching on the recommendation of a friend but was doubtful that her situation would improve. Individual coaching helped her clarify the important qualities that she would not compromise on in a partner (i.e. personal integrity, kindness, sense of humor) and to recognize that there were some qualities that might not be as important, after all (i.e. height, income). With this new self-awareness, she re-wrote a compelling profile that drew attention from the kinds of men she had been eager to meet all along. Not one to trust friends to give her advice that she could count on, coaching provided a safe environment where she could candidly look at sensitive issues. She is now dating a man she is crazy about and reports that she never dreamed she could have so much in common with another person!

Even if your situation is quite different, consider the following coaching services:

Individual relationship coaching: One-on-one coaching sessions will zero in on the key issues that compromise the relationship and will help clients move beyond repetitive, frustrating conflicts to greatly enhanced intimacy and communication.

Individual coaching for Singles: Singles will have an opportunity to understand, with clarity, what it is they are truly seeking, and will receive guidance and support on their quest to add romance and intimacy to their lives.

On-line dating guidance and profile review: With solid preparation and a carefully structured road map, internet dating can be a highly effective means of meeting the kinds of people you are seeking. I will help you write a winning profile and select photos that stand out and attract the right people. Furthermore, I will take you step-by-step through the ins and outs of the online dating arena, so you can avoid dead ends and recognize quality prospects!

Pre-marital coaching: Some couples find the engagement period to be highly charged, with conflicts arising over families, finances, intimacy, wedding plans, religion (not in that order!) to name just a few. There is tremendous value in addressing these key issues as they arise, and pre-marital coaching is a very effective means of doing so.

Singles' Coaching Support groups: The LifeSmarts Coaching Singles' Support groups have brought a fresh perspective and renewed optimism to the dating experience of the participants. The group experience will help you define, with clarity, what makes you unique and the important qualities that you seek in a partner. You will then be offered effective strategies to correct any barriers that get in the way and a creative road map that should make a noticeable difference.

Coaching packages: Please call for information about cost-effective packages that have been set up to offer greater value, with a lot of included services, such as free sessions, unlimited email support and the chance to participate in appropriate, ongoing groups.

You are invited to participate in a complimentary, no-obligation session to discuss your personal situation and to determine if coaching is for you. Click here for more information.

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"Linda helped me gain the courage to look at the issues that were sabotaging my relationships. Not only does she have tremendous patience and energy, but she also has the uncanny ability to zero in on what is important. At every step of the way, I knew she was with me 100%."

Susan, age 47

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