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LifeSmarts coaching is pleased to offer a wide array of services. Please call for a complimentary consultation to customize a program specifically tailored to your needs. Click here.

Individual Coaching Sessions: Sessions can be scheduled in person, or by telephone, either weekly or bi-weekly and usually last from thirty minutes to an hour. In between appointments, the client will be working on assigned projects, and will have ample access to coaching support via email.

Specialized Coaching Services

Career Coaching: LifeSmarts Coaching is offering several cutting-edge, highly effective career coaching packages. Please click here for more information.

Singles' Coaching Support: So many singles confide that they find the "prospect of looking for a partner" to be lonely and demoralizing. LifeSmarts Singles' Coaching should bring a fresh perspective and a renewed optimism. You will learn to define, with clarity, what makes you unique and the qualities that are important to you in a partner. You will then be offered effective strategies to correct any barriers that get in the way and will be provided a creative road map that should make a noticeable difference.

Internet Dating Advice and Profile Review: There is an art and skill that is necessary to be successful at internet dating. I have mastered the ins and outs of online dating and will give you the tools you need to navigate this experience. Composing a compelling profile and choosing photographs that show you off to great advantage are obviously key to getting responses form the people you want to meet. I will not only help you craft a profile that commands attention, but will guide you each step of the way. Once you learn how to approach internet dating with clarity and a sense of humor, the potential rewards can be enormous.

Relationship Coaching: Committed couples often find themselves repeating hurtful, self-defeating patterns that get in the way of true intimacy. Relationship coaching is a highly effective means of helping couples move past painful conflicts and renew the bond that drew them together in the first place.

Pre-marital Coaching: As the big day approaches, it is not uncommon for engaged couples to find themselves struggling with highly-charged conflicts about family, finances, wedding plans, or religion to name a few. Pre-marital coaching is a highly effective means of addressing these issues head-on.

Divorce Coaching: Not to take the place of the need for a highly skilled attorney or mediator, divorce coaching can be "the voice of reason" and safe haven during this highly charged, volatile time. The divorce coach will help individuals maintain perspective on the emotional and financial realities in front of them, so they can proceed with clarity, purpose and dignity, and avoid back-biting power struggles.

Group Coaching: Group coaching builds a community of support and provides a stimulating environment where participants are able to offer each other valuable feedback based on their varied experiences. Groups will be set up to serve the needs of people with shared interests and concerns. Structured groups can also be arranged for a group of individuals who have a specific agenda to address.

Specialized Coaching Groups

Singles' Support Groups: Singles from around the country will "meet" regularly via teleconference calls to strategize about creative means to jump-start their dating lives and to constructively offer feedback about "what hasn't been working". The leader will be offering a great deal of informative and thought-provoking material that should make a dramatic difference in the group's dating experiences.

Divorce Support Groups: Only those who are going through the draining process of divorce can fully understand the traumatic impact it has on them and their families. LifeSmarts Coaching offers ongoing divorce groups that will help participants stay grounded and on track. Practical guidance will be offered about how to deal with children, spouses, in-laws, and lawyers, in addition to much support about the practicalities of building a social life.

Coaching Packages

Please call for information about cost-effective packages that have been set up to offer greater value, with many included services such as free sessions, unlimited email support and the chance to participate in appropriate, ongoing groups.

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